Big Two app for iPhone and iPad

4.5 ( 9205 ratings )
Games Card Casino
Developer: Water Lou
2.99 USD
Current version: 1.6, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 06 Dec 2008
App size: 2.11 Mb


Big Two, Chor Dai Di (鋤大D). Also known as Da Lao Er (大老二), Bu Bu Gao Sheng (步步高昇), Pusoy Dos, Big Deuce or Deuces.


Big Two is a four players card game. It has become very popular in East Asia since 1980s and has spread to some western countries.

- Realistic computer artificial intelligent that make the game funny.
- Big cards that fits for iPhone/iPods touch screen.
- Two levels of difficulty.
- Fully animated game play.
- Auto suspend/resume, so that you can continue the game after you quit the game or received a phone call.
- Fast application start-up time.
- Gestures on play, pass or sort cards.
- Sort cards by suit or by rank.
- Option to auto pass.
- Different game rules.
- Disable sound effect to listen music during game play.
- Localization for English, 繁體中文 and 簡體中文.

* To skip the shuffle animation, simply tap the screen.
* Check the video of the gameplay in our website.
* If you have any suggestions or bug reports, please email to

* Online mode is being planned.



- 真實的電腦智能,使遊戲更添樂趣。
- 特大的咭牌,特別適合於 iPhone/iPod 的畫面上使用。
- 兩個程度的難度。
- 遊戲中咭牌全以動態型式顯示。
- 自動儲存/載入,當收到電話時或離開遊戲後,回來時可以繼續遊戲。
- 快速的遊戲啟始時間。
- 可以用手勢出牌,棄權或排列咭牌。
- 以花或大小排列咭牌。
- 自動棄權選項。
- 可設定遊戲規則。
- 如果想遊戲中聽iPod,可以先關掉音效。
- 支援界面語言包括英文,繁體中文和簡體中文。

* 請到我們的網站觀看遊戲進行中的影片。
* 如果有任何建議或匯報錯誤,可以電郵到

* 回應用家意見:電腦智能方面是沒有不公平的。派牌後牌是固定的,而且是隨機的。每個電腦不知道其他人的牌,也不會聯手針對玩家。如果玩家覺得電腦強我其實是很高興的。 :)

* 網上模式正在計劃中。


How reviewers like Big Two:

"IMO, this is worth every cent paid, i can play deuces any time anywhere!"
- Pepsi1217

"The best card game ever....!!!!!"
- Big 2 lover

"The game is much better than the other Big2 game on iTunes. The interface is much better. Nice blend of colors as well. Been addicted to this game ever since I downloaded it... Worth every penny."
- Coca-Cola222

- leungr

- Stanleyvincenzo

Pros and cons of Big Two app for iPhone and iPad

Big Two app good for

Big Two is a four player Chinese card game. Tichu like game. Big Two iPhone Rules see Strategies too. Single standard 52 card deck with the Jokers removed. Each player is dealt 13 cards. Object is to control the lead and get rid of all your cards in your hand. 2 is high then A, K....5, 4, 3. Play is counter-clockwise. If a player leads with single you must play a single. Likewise for pairs and triples. When two cards have the same value then compare based on suits (spades > hearts > clubs > diamonds). Five card groups: Straight < Flush < Full House < Four of a Kind < Straight Flush. When you play a Flush, for instance, another player could beat it with Four of a Kind + any other card. You can click a button to toggle between your cards sorted by rank or sorted by suit.
IMO, this is worth every cent paid, i can play deuces any time anywhere! But i wish there was an option for difficulty. The comps play lik an amatuer!!! Wonder will they add a feature to play online against other people worldwide.
i love to play this game. however, having different style of the game would be better (i.e. american style, vietnamese style, etc). basically different rules of the game in differnt versions. also, multiplayer would be nice and improved graphics with different difficulty levels :D. overall, great game. i was surprised to find big 2 for ipod touch!! had to buy it right away. i hope this game spreads to many buyers because their missing out!
Its a solid game .. Pretty cool u can listen to your own music while playing but could use more features such as differnt rules like Vietnamese style ect .. And wifi multiplayer would be nice.. And please add an option to go clockwise .. Please !!! But all in all this is now my favorite app !! I love this game.. I would give five stars if it added the options I suggested .. Gameplay is solid .. Finger guestures is very nice and easy .. Doesnt crash or freeze :) buy this app if u like big 2 .. If u dont know how to play then ur racsist lol just joking :)
There is nothing bad about this app, no jokes.just better comp and online would make me pay 10+$ for a patch,update
This game is much better than the other Big2 game on iTunes. The interface is much better. Nice blend of colors as well. Been addicted to this game ever since I downloaded it... Worth every penny.

Some bad moments

game is way too easy. computer hits big 2 when its unnecessay. make the cpu smarter than charge 3 bucks.
The game play is smooth and fast, much better than the other Big Two games. Not sure when/if well ever see the update since its been a while; I dont think its going to happen. Its unfortunate though. Since the game cannot be continued most of the time after exiting, I only play up to 10.
The game has a few bugs that need to be addressed. This app has not been updated since 2009. If you exit the game in the middle, it cannot be resumed and a new game must be started. If you get an alert or phone call, there is no way to get back into your game. You must restart it. The app is not equipped to multitask like every other app on the iPhone. Fix the bugs and it would be great.
Love it!...but...when I try to resume a game at doesnt deal. I end up starting a new game half way through an in progress game. Looking for new app without major bug.