Big Two App Reviews

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My two two is bigger than your three three or ten ten

Big Two is a four player Chinese card game. Tichu like game. Big Two iPhone Rules see Strategies too. Single standard 52 card deck with the Jokers removed. Each player is dealt 13 cards. Object is to control the lead and get rid of all your cards in your hand. 2 is high then A, K....5, 4, 3. Play is counter-clockwise. If a player leads with single you must play a single. Likewise for pairs and triples. When two cards have the same value then compare based on suits (spades > hearts > clubs > diamonds). Five card groups: Straight < Flush < Full House < Four of a Kind < Straight Flush. When you play a Flush, for instance, another player could beat it with Four of a Kind + any other card. You can click a button to toggle between your cards sorted by rank or sorted by suit.

Love deuces

IMO, this is worth every cent paid, i can play deuces any time anywhere! But i wish there was an option for difficulty. The comps play lik an amatuer!!! Wonder will they add a feature to play online against other people worldwide.

excellent game

i love to play this game. however, having different style of the game would be better (i.e. american style, vietnamese style, etc). basically different rules of the game in differnt versions. also, multiplayer would be nice and improved graphics with different difficulty levels :D. overall, great game. i was surprised to find big 2 for ipod touch!! had to buy it right away. i hope this game spreads to many buyers because their missing out!

Pretty cool

Its a solid game .. Pretty cool u can listen to your own music while playing but could use more features such as differnt rules like Vietnamese style ect .. And wifi multiplayer would be nice.. And please add an option to go clockwise .. Please !!! But all in all this is now my favorite app !! I love this game.. I would give five stars if it added the options I suggested .. Gameplay is solid .. Finger guestures is very nice and easy .. Doesnt crash or freeze :) buy this app if u like big 2 .. If u dont know how to play then ur racsist lol just joking :)


Works great. Online option would make it even better.

chinese good game

dont need to much saying without anything

Worth it

There is nothing bad about this app, no jokes.just better comp and online would make me pay 10+$ for a patch,update


This game is much better than the other Big2 game on iTunes. The interface is much better. Nice blend of colors as well. Been addicted to this game ever since I downloaded it... Worth every penny.

nice app

very nice app, i really enjoy it. i hope the quality of the picture (card) can be improved in the future.

The game Ive been searching for!

Loving it! Better than any other pusoy game I played. If youre a pusoy fan then its a must have. No crash, computer doesnt necessarily play like the humans, but its really good at what it does. It gets rid of cards really quickly and will create some challenge for you. I just wish the app allowed to post scores (for example, lowest score up to 25 or 50 games), have mulitiplayer option and have 3 player option (4 is fun too but I always found 3 players more fun since I was given more cards and weapons to work with).

Needs a few minor updates

Shuffle and deal does not seem completely random. I often get practically the same cards every two consecutive deals. Computer players are predictable and only play one way. Otherwise, cool game. Looking forward to future updates.

The best card game in all time

The best card game ever....!!!!


I dont know what are the rules in other Asian countries but in the Philippines, we have this rule that if the last card you play is 2(any suit), it should be opponents remaining card(s) x 2 to make the "real" value of 2. Ive been playing your game for a while now but Ive noticed that my opponents are playing deuces like 3s, 4s, 5s...etc.

good game

only comment i have is do you think you can speed up or take out the shuffling part? gets tiring when they show you each and every card being dealt

Best deuces game

Just nike it cant wait for online play

Love it.

Great game that I just learned the other night at a friends house. App works great. Was annoyed at the time to shuffle/deal until my 11 year old son told me to just tap the screen and itll skip great!!!!


Yu might wanna put a choice to play viet or russian maybe more people would buy this app

Really cool app

I like to play this game since i was a kid now I can play by myself VS com really cool. Like it alot.

not worth the money

game is way too easy. computer hits big 2 when its unnecessay. make the cpu smarter than charge 3 bucks.

Love it

Ive been playing this game since I was in high school. When is the online part gonna come out?